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The Project Part Leaders are supported in their research by a group consisting of 15 PostDocs, 9 Ph.D. students and 1 student collaborators. The complete Team of the SFB is composed of:


Project Part 01: Coordination Project

Project Leader (Speaker): Gerhard Larcher

PostDoc: Lucia Del Chicca


Project Part 02: Subsequences of Automatic Sequences and Uniform Distribution

Project Leader: Michael Drmota

Ph.D.Student: Clemens Müllner, e0925841@student.tuwien.ac.at


Project Part 03: Distributing Points on Spheres and Manifolds: Minimal Energy and Designs

Project Leader: Peter Grabner

PostDoc: Wöden Kusner, wkusner@gmail.com

Ph.D.Student:  Damir Ferizovic, damir.ferizovic@tugraz.at


Project Part 04: Arithmetic Primitives for Uniform Distribution Modulo 1

Project Leader: Peter Hellekalek

Student Collaborator: Markus Hittmeir, markus.hittmeir@sbg.ac.at

PostDoc: Alexander Bors, alexander.bors@sbg.ac.at

PostDoc: Leyla Işık, isikleyla@sabanciuniv.edu


Project Part 05: Digital Sequences and Related Hybrid Sequences

Project Leader: Roswitha Hofer

PostDoc: Sigrid Grepstad

PostDoc: Lukas Spiegelhofer

Ph.D.Student: Mario Neumüller


Project Part 06:  Approximation of Integrals and Functions by New Types of Quasi-Monte Carlo Algorithms

Project Leader: Peter Kritzer

PostDoc: Christian Irrgeher

Ph.D.Student: Helene Laimer


Project Part 07: Improved Discrepancy Estimates for Various Classes of Sequences

Project Leader: Gerhard Larcher

PostDoc: Sumaia Saad Eddin

Ph.D.Student: Florian Puchhammer

Student Collaborator: Lisa Kaltenböck

Student Collaborator: Wolfgang Stockinger


Project Part 08: Adapting QMC Algorithms to the Simulation Problem

Project Leader: Gunther Leobacher

PostDoc: Daniel Hackmann

PostDoc: Alexander Steinicke


Project Part 09: Digital Nets and Lattice Based Integration Rules

Project Leader (Co-Speaker): Friedrich Pillichshammer

PostDoc: Oliver Roche-Newton

Ph.D.Student: Ralph Kritzinger


Project Part 10: Diophantine Equations, Discrepancy and Finance

Project Leader: Robert Tichy

Ph.D.Student: Michael Julius Preischl, preischl@math.tugraz.at

PostDoc: Johann Brauchart, brauchart@finanz.math.tu-graz.ac.at 

PostDoc: Antoine Andre Marnat, marnat@math.tugraz.at

PostDoc: Mario Weitzer, weitzer@math.tugraz.at

PostDoc: Dijana Kreso, kreso@math.tugraz.at



Project Part 11: On the Hierarchy of Measures of Pseudorandomness

Project Leader: Arne Winterhof

PostDoc: Laszlo Merai, laszlo.merai@oeaw.ac.at

Ph.D.Student: Richard Hofer, richard.hofer@oeaw.ac.at


Former Members

Haakon Ulrich

Jonas Ziefle

Christoph Aistleitner

Maria Rita Iacó

Hans Georg Feichtinger

Isabel Pirsic

Michaela Szölgyenyi

Johannes Fürst